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Learning & Educational Toys for Architecture

Does your child love to build things?

If so, you’ll find great gift ideas in this collection of architecture from WANGE Toys. Let kids become builder, spark their imagination, and help them embrace their love of creating new things by giving them one of these educational gifts.

You’ll find QR code brick, scan it using the browser scanner on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll easily access website that history of architecture.

Learing with QR Code

Cultural & Educational

WANGE Bricks Toy strongly believe that through play, children can develop a profound understanding of the world around them. Each block’s assembly sparks critical thinking, while QR code scans facilitate knowledge acquisition. This fusion of entertainment and education not only makes learning enjoyable but also nurtures curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

Bricks toys with QR code

Every architecture carries historical and cultural significance. Hence, our building block series incorporates QR codes—small yet powerful elements that hold a treasure trove of historical knowledge. By scanning these codes, children not only assemble structures but also uncover stories, immersing themselves in the warmth of history.

We infuse knowledge into QR code, allowing children to learn while playing and making learning an enjoyable part of their lives. We hope that every child can unconsciously absorb knowledge, develop skills, and nurture interests while playing. We firmly believe that true learning enjoyment is experienced during play.

See all over the world with you

Bring the world’s structures to life in stunning detail with WANGE Buildings

Our building bricks series range transports model makers to the world’s most iconic landmarks and city skylines. These premium-quality sets offer a rewarding, mindful building experience and result in impressive display models that provide pleasure long after the construction work has been completed. WANGE focus on Architecture design by bricks, and we are persistent on building series.