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Brciks toy

Toys for Wholesale & retail

Have you been struggling to find quality wholesale or retail products for your toy store? Look no further.

WANGE Bricks provides toys for wholesalers, resellers, and independent stores. Here’s a look at what we have to offer:

WANGE Bricks Store in the world

Guangzhou City

Brick Toy Store

Brick store

Inner Mongolia City

Brick Toy Store

Bricks toy store


Toy fair in Moscow

Toy fair


Brick Toy Store 

Brick Toy Store in Korea


Our client's Brick Toy Store

Brick Toy Store in Germany


Toy fair in New York

Toy Fair New York


Our Client's Brick Toy StoreBrick Toy Store


Xi'an City

Brick Toy Store

Xi'an Brick Toy Store

Shenyang City

 Brick Toy Store

Shenyang Brick Toy Store


Brick Toy Store

Brick Toy Store


Toy Fair in London

Toy Fair in London

Benefits of buying large quantity orders from our store

Wholesale Price

Discover our wide selection of building bricks toys, perfect for all types of business with wholesale prices

Quick response time

Our efficient logistics system ensures you receive your goods promptly, catering to your sales rhythm and customer demands

Reliable Inventory

Our company has been around for over 20 years. You can count on us for toy availability and business connections that insure toys are in stock.

    If you run an Amazon store, you can get bulk orders of each season’s most popular toys from WANGE TOYS. Finding reliable providers for products can be a challenge, but WANGE Toy Warehouse has been in business for over two decades. And we’ll still be here when you’re ready for your next order for resale.

    Whether you run a toy business, an educational business, or an online toy store, you can find large quantities of wholesale items at WANGE TOY. We’ll make stocking your inventory easy.