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Breakthrough and inheritance
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On February 27th, accompanied by He Guanghui, Secretary General of the China Education Forum for ASEAN Education, the chairman of the China International Education Exchange Association Education and Equipment Branch, Han Husheng, visited the headquarters of Dr. Wan Ge.

Dr. Wan Ge, Dr. Cai Lihe, accompanied by the chairman of the board.

A thing that can be done with both hands is limited, and if you want to reach a better place, you need to cling to someone else's hand and learn higher and more professional skills.

We started to try and study, we touch what we are pursuing.

And let us even continue to taste bitter fruit, but still longing for, discard all the external, still attract our beautiful future.

Pick up, it is reluctant to put down.

Feel the beauty of life is everyone's thing, and it is the answer you can get in the field of education.

Dr. Yue in the continuation of the spirit of the pursuit of brand, but also hope that the product has become a good part of the campus and the family, in learning, operation and interaction, we continue to explore breakthroughs and know how to inherit.