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Beyond, all the time
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The endless passion and blood, affecting all the million people sweat and heartbeat, the dedication of the million grid of gold into the general faith!

2017 overtime • all the time - Wange Culture & Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. rehearsal and commendation party held in Fujian Genting Hot Spring Hotel.

Wan grid all the way to go, flourish, with each passing day.

Mr. Cai Lihe, the founder of Dr. Wange Le, summed up our work in 2016. Looking to the future, we down to earth, and constantly create, bold beyond.

Thanks to all the million people's dedication and innovation breakthrough, accompanied by more than ten years Wangeyu veteran

No one line of workers quietly

The power of high spirits, always lingering around you and me

Beyond the self, the pinnacle is the relentless pursuit of all the million people. How to re-create the peak, beyond the current, but also our unswerving goal.

Voice song around the song performances, exciting lottery links, as well as full of laughter game links.

No pain no gain.

We will go beyond the blood, fear of defending champion, do not hear the whole field boos.

The new year, relying on the heart of a firm belief that we "17" forward, a new high.